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Welcome to the world of Dolly Butler!
June 1908, and London is preparing for Women's Sunday, a massive suffragette rally in Hyde Park.
It turns out to be a dramatic and life-changing week for Dolly.

Dolly, polymath and dilettante, thinks this time it'll be different – that her new detective agency will be a rip-roaring success. And it'll give her an excuse to wear lots of different disguises and indulge her penchant for cross-dressing. Her first assignment takes her into the murky world of the East End plumage industry where she encounters more than she bargained for.

Meanwhile, she insists that her adored lover, Caroline, stays at home, hiding from her violent husband (who doesn't even know she's had his baby). But then their embittered maid, Maggie Fisher, gets wind of their "unnatural practices" and teams up with Dolly's green-eyed ex-girlfriend, to find daddy.

Events escalate and threaten to expose Caroline's dramatic secrets and to put her baby's life in danger. Will Dolly be able to save them? Or will she mess it up like she always has before?